The River Campus Jazz Ensemble (MUSC 157) is an 18-20 member group dedicated to the performance of both traditional big band jazz and cutting-edge contemporary works. Led by Bill Tiberio, the ensemble presents at least two concerts in the Strong Auditorium every semester along with a host of off-campus and informal performances. Also notable is the group’s dedication to small-group jazz, as smaller combos are often integrated into the curriculum and performances each season.

Auditioning for Jazz Ensembles

Auditions for the Jazz Ensembles Fall 2023 will be via video recording, which must be submitted no later than September 3, 2023 at 5PM EST.

Begin recordings with a brief introduction (name; year; instrument, and; ensemble or ensembles auditioning for), followed by performance of a relevant piece - solo or an etude - of your choosing, 3 to 5 minutes (uninterrupted and unedited).

Upload the video to YouTube (set as "unlisted") and, email the video's URL / web address to Mr. Bill Tiberio [ wtiberio@gmail.com ] no later than 5 PM EST Sunday September 3, 2023. Information for uploading to YouTube and privacy settings ("unlisted") may be found on YouTube and on the web.

Jazz Combos (MUSC 157A)

For students interested in a smaller group setting with an emphasis on improvisation, you may take the 1-credit course, MUSC 157A Jazz Combos.  The combos perform once a semester. A separate audition is required. 


Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble