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Arnold Pizer

  • Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

PhD, Yale University, 1971

1011 Hylan Building
(585) 275-4411



Prof. Pizer received his B.A. in Mathematics (1967) from Yale University, and his Ph.D. in Mathematics (1971), also from Yale. His thesis advisor was T. Tamagawa. He was an Acting Assistant Professor at UCLA (1971-73) and an Assistant Professor at Brandeis (1973-76) before joining the University as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics in 1976. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1978 and to Professor in 1989. In 2007 he became Professor Emeritus.

Research Overview

Prof. Pizer is also has a pedagogical interest in using the internet for mathematics education. He is a codeveloper, together with Prof. Gage, of the homework delivery system WeBWorK.

Research Interests

  • Number Theory