G. Milton Wing Lectures

About the Lectures

In the late 1990s George Milton Wing left a very generous bequest to the Department of Mathematics to endow a lecture series presenting mathematics of interest to the larger scientific community and to the general public.

The G. Milton Wing lectures, which the Mathematics Department of the University of Rochester is very proud to present, is the result.

George Milton Wing graduated from the U of R with a BA in Mathematics in 1944, and then earned an MA here in 1947 before receiving his PhD in Applied Mathematics from Cornell in 1950.

Milton Wing went on to have a distinguished career in both academia and industry. He supervised 9 PhD students and was the author of 4 books and over 80 papers. At the time of his retirement he was working at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Each Wing lecture series brings a speaker to the campus for two or three days to give two or three lectures. Typically the first lecture is meant for a general audience while successive lectures may be more specialized. All of the lectures are open to the public.

The list of past speakers, usually one or two each semester, attests to the breadth and quality of the lectures in our series.

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