News of Tamar Friedmann’s result has gone viral

November 19, 2015

Tamar Friedmann

News of the result discovered by Tamar Friedman and Carl Hagen has gone viral! The University of Rochester publicity release Discovery of classic pi formula a “cunning piece of magic” has been taken up and rebroadcast by dozens of outlets around the world.

As of November 19, 2015 a google search on the terms “pi”, “hagen”, and “tamar friedmann” turned up dozens of news articles, in several languages, describing the discovery. It’s unusual for a mathematical result, even one connected to quantum physics, to receive this type of publicity.

But then, everyone loves Pi.

Additional magazines with articles discussing the result:

  1. AmericanInstitutePhysics, by Catherine Meyers
  2. Forbes Magazine, by Kevin Knudson
  3. Motherboard
  4. Science Alert, by Fiona Macdonal
  5. Christian Science Monitor, by Mike Tokars
  6. Science Magazine, by Adrian Cho
  7. Gizmodo, by Jennifer Oellette
  8. Futurism
  9. Ciencia plus (in Spanish)
  10. Science Explorer, by Joanne Kennel
  11. Oximity
  12. Global News Connect
  13. El Pais (Spanish)
  14. Matematiksel (Turkish)
  15. Science Rocks My World
  16. Unocero (Spanish)
  17. (German)
  18. Higher Perspective
  19. EurekAlert! – AAAS
  20. Science Daily
  22. SmartBrief
  23. Observador (Porteuguese)
  24. Ciencia Kanija 2.0 (Spanish)
  25. Mathrubhumi (India)
  26. Tunisie Focus (French)
  27. Actualite Houssenia Writing (Madagascar)
  28. Galilieu (Spanish)
  29. Ciber-Apit-Trio (Spanish)
  30. Sputnik News (French)
  31. PhysicsGG (Greek)
  32. Noesis (Spanish)
  33. Scientific American (Chinese)
  34. Znanost (Sovenian)
  35. Novocti hauki (Russian)
  36. Vedelisteze (Slovak)
  37. Aici se scrie (Romanian)