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Learn critical thinking and technical problem solving skills

Interact with faculty and gain professional experience

Explore various aspects of math through research

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Pursue a degree or take courses in math or applied mathematics.

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Graduate Studies

A small but focused department that pays attention to its students.

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Math Research

Including number theory, analysis, topology, dynamics, geometry, probability, and more.

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    Students interested in teaching can get their BA in math and BS in education in just five years through the 4+1 program, offered jointly with the Warner School.

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    Did you know?

    The Department of Mathematics sponsors colloquia events on topics like ergodic theory and additive combinatorics, and the construction of Tesselated Riemann surfaces.

    Professor Alex Iosevich was named 2014-2015 Professor of the Year by the Student Association.

    The department of Mathematics offers a joint BA in math and statistics.

    A math department lecture in Hutchison Hall.

    Math Spotlight

    Rochester’s Undergraduate Math Program Is Ahead of the Curve

    In 2017, nearly 10 percent of the total number of Arts, Sciences and Engineering graduates completed a math major, the highest percentage ever at the University, and one of the highest of any institution in the country. The popularity of math among Rochester undergraduates is due to several factors, starting with the faculty’s general philosophy of math education.

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    Professor Salur at a local park

    Faculty Spotlight

    NSF award for research focusing on manifolds

    Professor of Math Sema Salur has received a three-year research award from the National Science Foundation for her work on manifolds with special holonomy. These are spaces whose infinitesimal symmetries allow them to play a crucial role in M-theory, a “theory of everything” that explains the unification of the fundamental forces of nature.

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    WeBWork map


    WeBWorK is is an open-source online homework system developed by the UR Math Department. The software is currently being used at over 700 colleges and universities in North America and around the world.

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    8out of 15

    Mathematics was recently ranked eighth on the list of best college majors by College Values Online.

    3in best business jobs

    US News and World Report ranks mathematician as the third best business job to have today.

    Why Math?

    Graduates with a degree in math are in high demand and have a multitude of career options including actuarial scientist, cryptographer, and teacher.  Mathematicians and statisticians were also ranked first and third respectively in CareerCast’s top 200 jobs.

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