Nomination Form

Nominations of a distinguished visitor should include a CV or equivalent list of the nominee’s work and accomplishments along with a narrative account describing and contextualizing his or her work. Successful nominations have explained how the nominee's work would interest the broad university community, and how the nominee would interact with students and faculty representing a wide variety of disciplines. Since nominations will be reviewed by a faculty committee representing the broad range of humanistic disciplines, they should also provide a description of how the nominee is likely to be of wide appeal to broad intellectual community. Suggestions of possible forums or events are especially encouraged.

Logistical considerations for all associated events including room reservation, guest speaker travel arrangements, food and beverage orders, and all subsequent payments, will be made by the administrative staff of the nominating faculty member’s home department. The selected speaker will be approached by the faculty overseer of the DVH program. Contribution from the HC for an honorarium for the keynote speaker will not exceed $5,000.

Please complete all sections.