Distinguished Visiting Humanist

2016—Noam Chomsky


To view the entire keynote lecture, click here.

To view the Q&A that followed the Little Theatre's screening of Requiem for the American Dream, click here. The  film itself is now available for viewing on Netflix.

Prior to Professor Chomsky's arrival, two University of Rochester faculty members conducted a phone interview with him, and discussed his work in linguistics and politics. Click here to read the interview.                                   

Details of Noam Chomsky's 2016 Visit
Wednesday, April 20
 7:00 pmScreening of Michel Gondry’s Is the Man Who is Tall Happy? : An Animated Conversation with Noam Chomsky and Q&A with Noam Chomsky. Free and open to the public.  Hoyt Auditorium
Thursday, April 21
 5:00 pm A public lecture titled "Language, Creativity, and the Limits of Understanding" followed by Q&A.Interfaith Chapel Sanctuary
Friday, April 22
 7:30 pmScreening of Requiem for the American Dream, followed by Q&A with Noam ChomskyThe Little Theatre, 240 East Ave #100, Rochester, NY

Biographical Information

Professor Chomsky is one of the most influential thinkers and public intellectuals of our time, writing and speaking about everything from linguistics and the mind to the nature and cultural significance of power, force, exploitation, manipulation, the media, and just government. He was voted the leading living public intellectual in the 2005 Global Intellectuals Poll conducted by the British magazine Prospect, is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, and has received honorary degrees from over 35 universities around the world. In 2011, he was awarded the Sydney Peace Prize. Learn more about him on his official website.