Fall 2021

For fall 2021, all classes and educational experiences for undergraduate and graduate students in Arts, Sciences & Engineering at the University of Rochester are expected to be held on campus at full classroom capacity, assuming health and safety guidelines are met. Virtual instruction options will be prepared as part of contingency plans, including instructional plans for international students who cannot travel to the U.S. As always, the University reserves the prerogative to change the mode of instruction for any course to on-line or hybrid delivery whenever deemed necessary or pedagogically appropriate.

Below, we have outlined what students, faculty, and staff can anticipate in the next few months:


Courses for First-Year Students

In the English Department, first-year students are welcome to enroll in any 100- or 200-level course. However, in the sampling below, you'll find courses that are specifically designed to provide an introduction to the study of English Literature, Film, Creative Writing, Theater and Communication.

Course #TitleSemesterDayBeginEndInstructor
100Great Books: Heaven and HellFallMW15251640Miller
101Maximum EnglishFallTR12301345Eaves
103Rochester, NYFallMW10251140Kegl
112Classical and Scriptural BackgroundsFallMW11501305Hahn
113British Literature IFallTR14001315Rozenski
117Intro to the Art of FilmFallTR11051220Middleton
121Intro to Creative Writing FictionFallW14001640Schottenfeld
122Intro to Creative Writing: PoetryFallM14001640Longenbach
154Intro to Design for StageFallReiser
135Intro to DebateFallT14001640Fletcher
135Intro to DebateFallR14001640Fletcher
200History of the English LanguageFallTR11051220Rozenski


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Fall 2021 Courses

Course #TitleDayBeginEndInstructor
100Great Books: Heaven and HellMW15251640Miller
101Maximum EnglishTR12301345Eaves
103Rochester, NYMW10251140Kegl
112Classical and Scriptural BackgroundsMW11501305Hahn
113British Literature ITR14001315Rozenski
117Intro to the Art of FilmTR11051220Middleton
121Intro to Creative Writing FictionW14001640Schottenfeld
122Intro to Creative Writing: PoetryM14001640Longenbach
134Public SpeakingTR9401055Smith
135Intro to DebateT14001640Fletcher
135Intro to DebateR14001640Fletcher
154-1Intro to Design for StageM10251305Reiser
170-1Technical TheatreMW9001015Lawlor
172-1Intro to Stage Lighting & SoundTR11051220


174-1Acting Techniques: F21T14001640


174-2Acting Techniques: Fall LabW15251640


176-2Movement for the ActorF10251305


178-3Design for Stage: SceneryM10251305




180-2Directing LabW15251640


182-1Staging Revolution: Creating Theatre for Social ChangeM16501930Yousefzadeh
200History of the English LanguageTR11051220Rozenski
206Goddesses, Warriors, and Shamans: Medieval Irish and Welsh LiteratureMW14001515Higley
216The Hidden CanonTR09401055Heyworth
221Victorian LiteratureTR11051220Rajan
226American Realism: Sex, Race, EmpireMW14001515Michael
228The Harlem RenaissanceMW12301345Tucker
228Reimagining the Human: Global Black Speculative FictionTR14001515Omelsky
23520th Century DramaMW12301345Schottenfeld 
236African Digital CulturesTR9401055Omelsky
238The Great War RevisitedMW11501305London
242Literary TheoryTR12301345Mannheimer
243The BrontesMW15251640London
244Poetry and MemoryTR11051220Gross
245Comic BooksMW10251140Tucker
249Gender and AngerTR9401055Bleich
251The Album as Literature: From Jazz to RapMW11501305Miller
255Film History: Early CinemaTR15251640Rosenow
269All is Fair in Love and WarTR12301345Bleich
272-1Advanced ActingM10251305Flaherty
275Advanced Creative Writing FictionM14001640Scott
275Advanced Creative Writing Fiction - TutorialW16501930Scott
276Advanced Creative Writing PoetryT14001640Longenbach
281Advanced Feature WritingT10251305Balmain
286Presidential RhetoricTR15251640Smith
262American Experiments: Film and Art of the 1930sTR12301345Rosenow
290-1Acting for CameraW12301515Markusfeld
292-1Plays in PerformanceTBATBATBAMaister
294Plays in PerformanceTBATBATBAMaister
296-1Stage Management: F21F14001640Maister
298-2Performance LabTBATBATBAFlaherty & Maister
299Performance LabTBATBATBAFlaherty & Maister
360-1Special Projects TheatreTBATBATBAMaister & Lawlor
380Alexander the Great: World Conqueror, Evil Genius, Global Visionary?MW15251640Hahn
380The Real World of FictionTR14001515Rajan
391-2Independent Study TheatreTBATBATBA
392-1PRACTICUM Theatre (Advanced Stage Management)TBATBATBAMaister
396Utopian and Dystopian WritingMW12301345Kegl
504Serpent Woman: Origins and Afterlife of a Medieval Fairy TaleR14001640Higley
541Henry James and the Theory of the Novel Goethe to GlobalismT14001640Michael
552What is the Aesthetic?M14001640Kegl
555Theorizing HorrorW14001640Middleton

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Contacts for Questions

The Department of English is still operating remotely. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to the appropriate person below.

Katherine Mannheimer, Department Chair

Sherri Gunter, Administrator

Graduate Studies
Carrie Morriss, Graduate Coordinator

Ezra Tawil, Director of Graduate Studies

William Miller, MA Advisor

Undergraduate Studies
Cara Smith, Undergraduate Coordinator

Jeffrey Tucker, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Joanna Scott, Creative Writing Advisor

Blake Journal and Archive
Sarah Jones, Managing Editor, Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly

Morris Eaves, Director, The Blake Archive

Lazarus Project and Literary Arts Program
Kathy Kingsley, Program Coordinator

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