Fall 2020 Changes due to COVID-19

The Department of English, in accordance with state, federal, and university policies, is adjusting its practices for the fall 2020 semester. New practices will include, but are not limited to:

  • The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks
  • Compliance with social-distancing guidelines
  • Restricting class sizes
  • Offering courses online (in part or in full)
  • Scaling back in-person office hours

Below, we have outlined what students, faculty, and staff can expect in the coming months.

Please note that nearly everything is subject to change. This web page will be updated as we receive new information and guidance, so please check back frequently.


Fall 2020 Courses

Despite the pandemic, our commitment to delivering high-quality, personalized education is as strong as ever. Our faculty and staff have worked hard to offer a variety of courses this semester, spanning a wide range of both topics and teaching modes. A table listing the courses and modalities, as well as a key to the table, is listed below. Please check back frequently as it is subject to change. If you have specific questions about how an individual course will be run, feel free to contact the instructor directly. To comply with room capacity limits, some in-person courses may be capped. For those students specifically seeking an in-person experience and finding a given course capped, we hope the list below will make it fairly easy to find a good alternative.

All online—These courses will be offered virtually (either synchronously or asynchronously) for all students, regardless of whether they are living on campus, in Rochester, or are residing elsewhere.

In-Person / Hybrid—These courses will include both online and in-person components. While in person, students will be required to disinfect their area prior to class, wear masks, and observe social distancing measures while attending these classes. Note that even when courses convene in person, they will remain fully accessible to students who will need to be participating remotely, via some combination of recorded sessions, online discussion forums, special Zoom office-hours, and so forth (with synchronous and/or asynchronous options available). Depending on enrollments and classroom size, it is possible that these courses may require even those students opting for in-person instruction to alternate, nonetheless, between in-person and remote attendance. Remember that all courses will be online-only following the Thanksgiving break.

Course #Course TitleInstructorDelivery MethodTimeRoom
100-1Great Books: MythMillerIn-person/HybridTR 1525-1640Gavett Hall 202
100-2Great Books: History of Western LitTawilAll OnlineTR 940-1055N/A
101-1Maximum EnglishEavesAll OnlineTR 1230-1345N/A
112-2Classical and Scriptural BackgroundsRozenskiIn-person/HybridMW 1230-1345Hutchison Hall 104
113-1British Literature IKeglIn-person/HybridMW 1400-1515Goergen Hall 109
116-2Intro to African American LiteratureTuckerIn-person/HybridMW 1025-1140LeChase 161
117-1Intro to the Art of FilmMiddletonAll OnlineTR 1105-1220N/A
121-1Creative Writing: FictionSchottenfeldAll OnlineW 1400-1640N/A
121-3Creative Writing: FictionHansenAll OnlineM 1025-1345N/A
121-4Creative Writing: FictionHansenAll OnlineR 1400-1640N/A
122-1Creative Writing: PoetryLongenbachAll OnlineT 1400-1640N/A
123-1PlaywritingSolomonIn-person/HybridM 1230-1515Todd Union 202F
131-1Reporting and Writing the NewsMemmottAll OnlineTR 1525-1640N/A
131-2Reporting and Writing the NewsMemmottAll OnlineTR 1400-1515N/A
134-2Public SpeakingSmithIn-person/HybridTR 940-1055LeChase 141
135-1Intro to DebateFletcherAll OnlineR 1400-1640N/A
135-2Intro to DebateFletcherAll OnlineT 1400-1640N/A
154-1Intro to Design for Stage  8/26-10/26ReiserIn-person/HybridM 1105-1345Todd Union 107
164-1ImprovisationRyanIn-person/HybridR 1525-1805Todd Union 107
170-1Technical TheaterLawlorIn-person/HybridMW 900-1015Todd Union 202F
172-1Intro to Stage Lighting & SoundSpitaliereIn-person/HybridTR 1105-12:20Todd Union 202F
174-1Acting Techniques: F20BrowneIn-person/HybridT 1400-1640Todd Union 107
174-2Acting Techniques: F20 LabBrowneIn-person/HybridW 1525-1640Todd Union 107
176-2Movement for the ActorPennerIn-person/HybridF 1105-1345Todd Union 107
178-3Design for Stage: Lighting 10/26-12/18ReiserIn-person/HybridM 1105-1345Todd Union 107
180-1DirectingGreerIn-person/HybridF 1400-1640Todd Union 107
180-2Directing- LabGreerIn-person/HybridW 1525-1640Todd Union 107
182-1Staging Revolution: Creating Theatre for Social ChangeYousefzadehAll OnlineM 1650-1930N/A
200-1 / 400-1History of the English LanguageHigleyAll OnlineTR 1400-1515N/A
204-1The Canterbury TalesHigleyAll OnlineTR 1105-1220N/A
206-1Medieval OtherworldsHahnAll OnlineMW 1150-1305N/A
206-3 / 406-1Medieval Idea of the BookHeyworthIn-person/HybridMW 1025-1140Hylan 305
206-4 / 591Historical NovelsRozenskiIn-person/HybridMW 1525-1640Morey 321
210-1 /591ShakespeareKeglIn-person/HybridMW 1230-1345Dewey 2162
213-1The SonnetHeyworthIn-person/HybridF 900-1140Todd Union 202F
217-1 / 591Restoration and 18th Century DramaMannheimerIn-person/HybridTR 1230-1345Goergen Hall 108
221-1American RenaissanceTawilAll OnlineTR 1230-1345N/A
223-1 / 591Victorian Crime and SexualityRajanIn-person/HybridTR 1400-1515Dewey 2162
228-1Black Speculative FictionOmelskyAll OnlineTR 1230-1345N/A
230-4American Body PoliticsOsuchaAll OnlineMW 1525-1640N/A
238-2Bright Lights, African CityOmelskyAll OnlineTR 1400-1515N/A
243-2 / 443-1Charles DickensRajanIn-person/HybridTR 1105-1220Morey 501
245-1 / 445-1Modern NovellaSchottenfeldAll OnlineMW 1230-1345N/A
249-1 / 449-1Gender and AngerBleichAll OnlineTR 940-1055N/A
270-1Advanced Technical TheatreRiceIn-person/HybridMW 1025-1140Todd Union 202F
272-2Advanced ActingScott-FlahertyIn-person/HybridM 1400-1640Todd Union 107
275-1/ 475Advanced Creative Writing: FictionScottIn-person/HybridT 1400-1640Dewey 2110D
275-2/ 475Advanced Creative Writing: FictionScottAll OnlineR 1500-1615N/A
276-1 / 476Advanced Creative Writing: PoetryLongenbachAll OnlineM 1400-1640N/A
286-1Presidential RhetoricSmithIn-person/HybridTR 1525-1640LeChase 141
290-1Acting for CameraMarkusfeldIn-person/HybridW 1230-1515Rettner Hall 305
292-1Plays in Performance: Radio PlaysMaisterIn-person/Hybrid
296-1Stage Management: F20MaisterIn-person/HybridF 1400-1640Todd Union 202F
380-3Nobel Prize LiteratureLondonAll OnlineMW 1150-1305N/A
380-4The Horror FilmMiddletonAll OnlineTR 1525-1640N/A
394-1English InternshipMemmottAll OnlineVariesN/A
396-1What is TragedyMillerIn-person/HybridTR 1105-1220Computer Studies 209
500-Graduate ColloquiumTawilIn-person/Hybrid
504-1Medieval Race now and thenHahnAll OnlineM 1400-1640N/A
551-1Ordinary LiteratureBleichAll OnlineR 1400-1640N/A
557-4Utopia and Dystopia in LiteratureTuckerIn-person/HybridW 1400-1640Morey 501
570-1WWI and the Culture of MemoryLondonAll OnlineT 1400-1640N/A

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Contacts for Questions


Katherine Mannheimer, chair

Sherri Gunter, administrator

Graduate Studies

Carrie Morriss, coordinator

Ezra Tawil, director of graduate studies

William Miller, MA advisor

Undergraduate Studies

Cara Smith, coordinator

Jeffrey Tucker, director of undergraduate studies

Joanna Scott, creative writing advisor

Blake Journal and Archive

Sarah Jones, managing editor, Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly

Morris Eaves, director, The William Blake Archive

Lazarus Project and Literary Arts Program

Kathy Kingsley, program coordinator

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English Department Office Hours

The Department of English office (Morey 426) will be open one day per week, Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. starting Monday, August 24th.

Any one entering the office must wear a mask and practice social distancing. Students, faculty and staff should do their best to avoid lingering for an extended period of time.

Staff are continuing to work remotely and, in most cases, will be able to answer all questions via email.

With a handful of possible exceptions, faculty office hours will be virtual; and no “drop-in” office hours will be offered at all. Please contact individual faculty to make an appointment.

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