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Undergraduate Program

Transfer Credit

A maximum of three transfer courses can be used to fulfill the major. For students transferring with junior status and above, a minimum of five economics courses must be taken at University of Rochester.

  • Students requesting transfer credit should obtain the catalogue, the course descriptions or the syllabus of the course they plan to take. These materials should be brought to the undergraduate coordinator in Harkness 238.
  • Economics courses at other institutions can transfer for elective credit only if they have a prerequisite of principles of economics.
  • The department does not grant transfer credit for online courses.
  • Washington Semester and British Politics Semester do not provide concentration credit in economics. However, economics courses taken in conjunction with these courses can provide transfer credit. Washington Semester and British Politics Semester may count as allied field courses.
  • Summer courses offered by the University of Rochester do not require transfer credit approval.
  • Transfer credit for ECO 108 requires a course (or courses) that cover(s) both principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics.
  • Students passing the Cambridge International Economics curriculum at the A level can receive credit for ECO 108.
  • AP credit will be awarded for ECO 108 for students who receive a 4 or higher on the microeconomics portion and a 3 or higher on the macroeconomics portion.
  • For students who have taken International Baccalaureate degrees and who have taken the Economics test:
    • A grade of 4 can be placed into ECO 207 without credit for ECO 108.
    • A grade of 5 or more will receive credit for ECO 108 and can be placed into ECO 207.
  • ECO 230 is preferred. Alternatively, students can use STAT 213, MTH 203, DSC 262. Students with AP credit, transfer credit, or STAT 211 or STAT 212 credit can be awarded STAT 213 by taking a placement exam offered by the Statistics Department.