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INTR 221 European Nationalism

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  • Fall 2019
    Marcin Jarzabek
    Fall 2019 — TR 15:25 - 16:40
    Course Syllabus

    Main aim of the course is to give a basic of the relationship between "identity" and "nationalism" in its historical development since late 18th century. Focusing especially on the modern Central Europe (territories of former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Austro-Hungarian Empire) class will deal with fundamental concepts of a nation and nationalism. Using different approaches and theories (modernism, ethno-symbolism, ethnic and civic nationalism), it aims at applying them to both historical and contemporary reality. Beginning with pre-modern forms of national identity ("noble nation"), the course will focus on the processes of formation modern nations in Central Europe and their consequences for the history of the region in 20th century. The class could have a mixed-form of a seminar and lecture, with students' presentations on selected topic and readings, and discussions on theoretical and historical issues.