Performing Arts Cluster


The Institute for the Performing Arts initiated this cluster in the performing arts to provide students with a survey of courses in two or more of the Performing Arts divisions: Dance, Music and/or Theatre, in order to foster performing arts appreciation and literacy. Designed for the “non-performer,” the cluster is designed for the person interested in understanding more about how to view and experience the performing arts on a deeper level as an audience member through some hands-on experience, knowledge of history and context and observation/discussion.

Students may choose 12 credits from the following, with no more than 8 credits in any single division (DAN, ENG or MUR):

  • DAN 155 Movement Revolutions: A Cultural History of Social Dance
  • DAN 195 World Dance
  • DAN 228 Dance History: Philosophy, Aesthetics & Culture
  • DAN 248 Arts in Activism
  • ENG 184 (Fall)/185 (Spring) Intro to Theatre
  • ENG 170 (Fall)/ ENG171 (Spring) Technical Theatre
  • ENG 292, 294 (Fall); ENG 293, 295 (Spring) Plays in Performance
  • MUR 100  Experiencing Music
  • MUR 121 World Music in Context
  • MUR 123 Music of Black Americans