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Affiliated Faculty

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Bernardi, Joanne

Professor of Japanese and Film and Media Studies
Head for the Japanese Program | (585) 275-4251
409 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Japanese cinema and culture, especially popular culture; film and media studies; visual and material culture; moving image archiving and preservation; travel and tourism studies; nuclear culture; digital humanities; ephemera studies; object-based learning

Peter Christensen

Christensen, Peter

Assistant Professor of Art History | (585) 276-7173
516 Morey Hall

Interests: 19th and 20th century architectural history, particularly Europe and North America’s international engagement with the Islamic world; history and aesthetics of infrastructure and industry; historicism; cartography and architecture; critical digital humanities

Jennifer L. Creech

Creech, Jennifer L.

Associate Professor of German | (585) 275-4273
428 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Post-1945 German studies; film studies; gender studies; cultural studies

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Doran, Robert

Professor of French and Comparative Literature
Head for the French Program
Head for the Comparative Literature Program | (585) 275-4251
414 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature and culture; the novel; continental philosophy; literary theory; aesthetics; intellectual history; European cinema; existentialism

Kenneth Gross

Gross, Kenneth

Alan F. Hilfiker Distinguished Professor of English | (585) 275-4098
404B Morey Hall

Interests: Shakespeare; lyric poetry; Renaissance literature; romance

Susan Gustafson

Gustafson, Susan E.

Karl F. and Bertha A. Fuchs Professor of German Studies
Head for the German Program | (585) 275-4251
425 Lattimore Hall

Interests: German literature of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries; feminism and gender studies; psychoanalysis

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Hwang, June J.

Associate Professor of German | (585) 275-4251
429 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Twentieth-century film; literature and critical theory

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Lewis, Jacob W.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History
Associate Academic Director for Photographic Preservation and Collections Management Program | (585) 275-4285
522 Morey Hall

Interests: History of photography; Nineteenth-century French art; Critical theory of technology; History of the printed image; Twentieth-century American art

Lihong Liu

Liu, Lihong

Assistant Professor of Art History | (585 ) 275-4169
523 Morey Hall

Interests: Chinese art; Critical theories; Landscape and environment; Art, science, and technology; Material culture; Transcultural studies

Bette London

London, Bette

Professor | (585) 275-3510
304 Morey Hall

Interests: Twentieth-century British literature; Victorian literature and culture; feminist theory; women's writing; authorship studies

John Osburg

Osburg, John

Associate Professor | (585) 273-3329
436 Lattimore Hall

Interests: China; Capitalism; Postsocialism; Gender; Political corruption and organized crime; Buddhist revival in China

Daniel Reichman

Reichman, Daniel

Associate Professor
Chair of Anthropology | (585) 275-8737
439 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Globalization and trade; migration and transnationalism; food, development, and environment; coffee industry; Latin America; Honduras, Brazil

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Rosensweig, Anna

Assistant Professor of French
Undergraduate Advisor for French | (585) 275-2367
426 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Early modern French literature and culture; theater and performance studies; political theory

Timothy Scheie

Scheie, Timothy

Associate Professor for Humanities Department, Eastman School of Music | (585) 274-1612
ET 413 26 Gibbs Street

Llerena Searle

Searle, Llerena G.

Assistant Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies for Anthropology | (585) 275-8740
443 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Urbanization; infrastructure; capitalism and global finance; value; speculation; material culture; media and consumer cultures; South Asia

Reinhild Steingrover

Steingröver, Reinhild

Associate Professor for Eastman School of Music | (585) 274-1616
ET 402 26 Gibbs St.

Jeffrey Tucker

Tucker, Jeffrey Allen

Associate Professor of English | (585) 275-2064
418 Morey Hall

Interests: African-American literature; 20th-century American literature; science fiction