Graduate Students


Headshot of Hae Bin.

Koh, Haebin

Interests: Digital materiality; physicality and embodiment; the concept of the 'abject'

Headshot of Xuechun Lyu.

Lyu, Xuechun

Interests: Film and media studies; documentary; East Asian cinema; trauma studies; memory; sound and voice

Headshot of Mikaela Mehlrose.

Mehlrose, MK

Interests: Archival, craft, and queer scholarship, with an emphasis on their relationship to affect theory and epistemology

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Emily Broad smiling at the camera.

Broad, Emily

Interests: Documentary photography; Depression-era photography; archival theory; image-text relations; Marxist/Socialist art

Bethany Fincher posing for the camera.

Fincher, Bethany

Interests: Noise and sound studies; art and experimental music; performance art; body art; critical theory; post-structuralism

Michael Galban in a workshop.

Galban, Michael

Interests: 17th & 18th century Eastern Woodland art and material culture; Indigenous gender roles in art; Indigenous Semiotics of the Colonial era; Contemporary Native American Art; Folklore; Eastern Woodland Body Modification; Colonial North American History; Public history and interpretation

Kangmin Kim on the beach posing for the camera.

Kim, Kangmin

Interests: Modern and contemporary art; Cold War; Migration; Ethnic minorities in the Soviet Union and the United States; Home and unhomeliness

A black and white headshot of Renee Yu Jin.

Yu Jin, Renee

Interests: Contemporary art; Anthropology of art; Asian studies; Material culture in media ages; National identity and transnationalism; Visual analogy; Feminism, gender, and race studies; Critical pedagogy

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Arnett, Daly

Interests: 20th century Visual Culture; American Studies; Self-taught art; Folk art; Modernism(s); Historiography; Post-structuralism; Formalism

Barski, Justin

Interests: Critical Theory; Modern and Contemporary Art; Aesthetics; History of Science and Technology; History of Philosophy; Marxism; Surveillance; New Media

Headshot of Jacob Carter.

Carter, Jacob

Interests: Film history and theory; queer cinema; film phenomenology; horror film; documentary

Genter Montevecchio, Elisabeth R.

Interests: Early Modern Art; Dutch and German Art; Monstrosity and the Grotesque in Art; Horror Theory; Gender Studies ; Film Studies and Popular Culture

Dylan Palmer

Palmer, Dylan

Interests: Post 1960s cinema, Marxism, continental philosophy, urban studies, geography, spatiality, temporality

Siheng Zhu

Zhu, Siheng

Interests: Animation; Game Studies; Popular Culture; Asian Studies; Media Studies; Globalization

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Cheng, Hsin-Yun

Interests: Contemporary art; Performance studies; Asian American art; Migration and diaspora; Globalization; Socially engaged art; Labor and capitalism

Headshot of Bridget Fleming.

Fleming, Bridget

Interests: Postwar and contemporary art; artist collectives and collectivity; socially engaged art; media studies and video; gender and sexuality

Genevro, Danielle

Interests: Pre-1960s cinemas; film history and theory; film style; special effects; Lacanian psychoanalysis

Keeton, Jamey

Interests: animation; comics studies; critical theory; digital humanities; film and television; popular culture; media studies

Segu Jensen, Catalina

Interests: digital media studies; critical theory and technology ; space and spatiality; globalization; capitalism; contemporary art

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Amadou, Ouma

Interests: film and media studies; (post)colonialism; critical race theory; psychoanalysis; water and landscapes

Karakaya, Elif

Interests: Global modern and contemporary art; memory studies, archival theory; migration; diaspora studies

Keye, Wade

Interests: Critical Study of New Media; Surveillance Studies; Online Memorial Culture; Memes

Sancto, Christian

Interests: Modern and contemporary art; Sound and moving images; Performance studies; Gender and sexuality; Aesthetics and critical theory

Taormina, Victoria

Interests: Gender and sexuality; Performance art; Latinx studies; Critical race theory

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DeBoer, Kendall

Interests: Surrealisms; Self-taught art; Folk art; Outliers; Artifice; Ornamentation; Decoration; Craft studies; Fiber art; Unconventional materials; Excess; Adornment; Theatricality; Gender

Taryn Ely

Ely, Taryn

Interests: Experimental film; disability studies; film and media studies; spectatorship; histories of psychology and psychiatry

Nasirov, Yasin

Interests: Film and Philosophy; Russian Cinema; Adaptation Studies; Experimental Film; Kubrick

Ullrich, Madeline

Interests: gender and sexuality; queer theory; feminism(s); film and media studies; television studies; sound studies

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