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Students interested in teaching can get their BA in math and BS in education in just five years through the 4+1 program, offered jointly with the Warner School.

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  • The Department of Mathematics sponsors colloquia events on topics like ergodic theory and additive combinatorics, and the construction of Tesselated Riemann surfaces.

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  • Professor Alex Iosevich was named 2014-2015 Professor of the Year by the Student Association.

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  • The department of Mathematics offers a joint BA in math and statistics.

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11out of 120

Mathematics was ranked number 11 on Forbes list of most valuable college majors.

1out of 200

CareerCast recently ranked mathematicians as the number one best job to have. 

Why Math?

Graduates with a degree in math are in high demand and have a multitude of career options including actuarial scientist, cryptographer, and teacher.  Mathematicians and statisticians were also ranked first and third respectively in CareerCast’s top 200 jobs.

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