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Work-in-Progress Seminar Series

The Center began hosting a regular, bi-weekly lunchtime seminar series in January 2016. This series includes presentations by the Center’s junior faculty fellows.

2016-2017 seminars included:

  • 9/15/16 Peter Christensen - "Ambiguities of Empire: Architecture and the German Construction of the Ottoman Railway Network"
  • 9/28/16 Laura Smoller - "The Dominicans and the Demonic: The Functions of Demons in the Canonization and Cult of Vincent Ferrer"
  • 10/13/16 Brian Jacobson - "From Oblivion to Infinity: Nuclear Vision and Visual Form in Early Atomic France"
  • 10/26/16 Rachel Haidu - "The Shame of the Self"
  • 11/10/16 Supritha Rajan - "Disciplinary Temperaments"
  • 11/30/16 Elana Shever - "Fossils and Authenticity in the Age of Jurassic Park"
  • 12/14/16 William Schaefer - "Photograph Ecologies: Nature, Culture, and Contemporary Photography in China, Japan, and the West"
  • 1/25/17 Paul Duro - "Painting at the Margins: Art and Decoration in Eighteenth Century France"
  • 2/7/17 Margarita Guillory - "After the Storm: The Response of African American Spiritual Churches to Shifting Landscapes in Post-Katrina New Orleans"
  • 2/22/17 Dahpon Ho, "Scorched Earth and Manufactured Wilderness: The Forced Depopulation of Coastal Fujian (1661-1683) as Social and Ecological Crisis"
  • 3/9/17 Elana Shever - "The Pterasaur’s Pinky: Trans-Species Dis/Connection in the US Today"
  • 3/29/17 Brian Jacobson, “Big Oil’s Environmental Cinema”
  • 4/13/17 Donatella Stocchi-Perucchio, "Out of Dante: Modern Proliferations Across Media, Genres, and Cultures"
  • 4/26/17 Llerena Searle, “Commodity formations in the plural: Exposure, prestige, and the new Indian kitchen”

For more information on the Work-in-Progress Seminar Series, see listings under Events.