Jesse L. Rosenberger Work-in-Progress Seminar Series

The Center began hosting a regular, bi-weekly lunchtime seminar series in January 2016. This series includes presentations by the Center’s junior faculty fellows.

2022-2023 seminars include:

  • 10/5, Shanté Paradigm Smalls
  • 11/2, Anaar Desai-Stephens
  • 11/15, Jennifer Musto
  • 11/30, Joanne Bernardi
  • 1/25, Elisabeth Genter & Erin Francisco (Humanities New York Graduate Student Public Humanities Fellows)
  • 2/2, Mike Jarvis
  • 2/15, Jennifer Musto
  • 3/2 @ 11:30am, Christian Sancto (Meliora Global Scholar) "Environmental Sound and the Transnational Avant-garde: Projects by Experiments in Art and Technology in the US, Japan, and India"
  • 3/15, Matt Omelsky "“Black Speculative Collage"
  • 3/22, Supritha Rajan "Thinking like an Artist Among Scientists: Coleridge, Induction, and the Work of Literature”
  • 3/30, Bridget Fleming (Meliora Global Scholar) "Alternative Art Movements Post-1968: 1970's Yugoslavian New Art Practice"
  • 4/12, Shanté Paradigm Smalls "Black Girl Tragic: Making a Monster out of Shori Matthews in Octavia Butler’s Fledgling
  • 4/27, Zeynep Soysal "Epistemology of Journalism"