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The Humanities Project

Full-scale funding up to $30,000

Proposals may be submitted by one or more full-time faculty members at any time of the year (applications are accepted and funded on a rolling basis). Humanities projects may involve (but are not limited to)

  • Conferences
  • Guest speakers
  • Film series
  • Reading groups
  • Art exhibitions
  • Symposia
  • Research workshops

Humanities Projects cannot contain requests for release from teaching, nor can they be for individual research travel. Projects that are not based fundamentally in research or creative production are unlikely to be approved.

The Humanities Project Executive Committee welcomes applications for projects on any aspect of humanistic research or artistic production. The Humanities Project exists to advance research and artistic production in all areas of the humanities and the humanistic social sciences. Projects and initiatives that will further faculty research and consequently significantly elevate the profile of the humanities at Rochester are enthusiastically encouraged. A basic tenet is that the Humanities Project seeks to underwrite the very best work—of whatever kind—representing the rich array of humanistic and artistic production at Rochester. Fostering innovative work in both traditional and newer areas of scholarship, the Humanities Project is designed to make possible new avenues for the pursuit of research and artistic production. 

(Faculty who are not ready to propose a fully developed project might want to propose a Working Group. Working Groups provide frameworks within which faculty can test out and elaborate new ideas in small (or large) groups. Working Groups are easy to set up, and they have a maximum budget of $500/semester.)

The committee encourages proposals of broad appeal that are interdisciplinary in nature, and it also welcomes smaller projects aimed at more specialized audiences. We are especially interested projects that can have a tangible impact on the UR community and beyond, and/or in those that might have a continuing presence or effect.

The Humanities Project has sponsored a number of large, high-profile events such as national and international conferences, and we are particularly interested in sponsoring more such events in the future. Faculty are encouraged to discuss their ideas with the Humanities Project Committee. Department administrators are responsible for managing project logistics. 

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