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2019 Institute News


Data science students explore the ethical considerations of their craft

April 9, 2019

Data science makes it easier for police to monitor the activities of ordinary citizens, and for human resource departments to automatically whittle down a pile of job applications. Data science even enables Uber drivers to share among themselves who they consider to be “good” and “bad” customers.


Saving the lost text of a Torah scroll

March 26, 2019

torah scroll on wooden roller

Through “textual science,” Gregory Heyworth, an associate professor of English, uses different wavelengths of light to photograph and analyze cultural artifacts—salvaging objects whose legibility would otherwise be lost to time.


Can the laws of physics untangle traffic jams, stock markets, and other complex systems?

March 22, 2019

In a series of papers, Rochester professor Gourab Ghoshal and members of his lab are using the fundamental laws of physics to untangle the complex systems behind human behavior, urban planning, and social networks.