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0323_Power BI Implementation: A Guide to the Other 90%

March 23, 2018
Dewey 2110E, Dewey Hall

Eugene Meidinger
Database Developer at All-Lines-Technology

When learning about Power BI, the part you learn first is all the powerful visualizations. But like an iceberg, that's just the 10% everyone sees. If you are asking yourself "what's next?", this training will teach your everything else involved with implementing and deploying Power BI reports.

In the first half of the day, we will focus on data manipulation. Often times, the hardest part of making a report is shaping the data the way you need it. We will cover applied database theory, data cleansing with PowerQuery and data modelling with DAX. We'll show you what each tool is good at and when to use it. We'll also cover some internals so you understand at a deeper level how these tools really work.

The second half of the day is all about deployment and administration. You may have some beautiful reports, but do you have a data governance strategy to support them? We'll show how to access your on-premises data with data gateways. We'll cover options for securing and protecting your data, including row-level security and auditing. Finally, we'll go over the ways you can share and distribute these reports.

By the end of this training, you'll go from proof of concept to piece of cake!


This is a Preconference class connected to SQL Saturday.  There is a fee $150 and advance registration is necessary.


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