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The Arduino as an Audience Experience Meter Workshop

November 16, 2017
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Carlson Library, 2nd Floor

Elliot Inman

Public opinion pollsters, marketing managers, and Hollywood directors are all interested in knowing how an audience is responding to their work.  Was a political speech inspiring?  Did viewers actually watch all of the new video ad for the SuperWidgit?  What parts of next summer's blockbuster movie were moving and what parts were boring?  One of the tools of the trade for all of them is the audience meter, a simple dial that viewers can turn to register their approval/disapproval or pleasure/displeasure with what they are seeing live.  In this workshop, we will set up an audience experience meter and record data that can be analyzed to understand public opinion and emotional responses to a video.

The workshops are free and open to all University of Rochester students and faculty.  All materials for the workshop will be provided.  Participants should a laptop and, if possible, download and install the Arduino open-source software before the workshop. No previous microcontroller experience or electronics experience is required.  The first part of each workshop will be an introduction to the Arduino and the second part will focus on the specific workshop topic.

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