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NSF NRT Graduate Training Program Mini-Conference

September 26, 2017
05:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Meliora Hall, Room 366

The NSF NRT Graduate Training Program provides graduate training at the interface of data science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and neuroscience. We will hold our second mini-conference (and dinner) on Tuesday, September 26 at 5:00pm-8:00pm in Meliora Hall, Room 366. Brain & Cognitive Sciences (BCS) and Computer Science (CS) graduate students will give 20 minute presentations on their research. BCS and CS graduate students, postdocs, and faculty (among others) are invited.

Food: Either Thai or Italian food

RSVP: Because we need to provide enough food, please let Kathy Corser ( know if you will be attending (and if you have dietary restrictions). Thanks.

Here is the schedule:

5:00pm: Talk by Brian Dickenson (Computer Science)

5:20pm: Talk by Wednesday Bushong (Brain & Cognitive Sciences)

5:40pm: Talk by Nathan Kent (Computer Science)

6:00pm: Talk by Sam Cheyette (Brain & Cognitive Sciences)

6:20pm: Dinner

7:00pm: Talk by Parker Riley (Computer Science)

7:20pm: Talk by Carol Jew (Brain & Cognitive Sciences)

7:40pm: Talk by Iftekhar Tanveer (Computer Science)

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