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Careers in Data Science: What I Did on My Summer Internship!

September 01, 2017
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Wegmans 1400

We are excited to have everyone return to campus and we are especially excited to have the Goergen Institute for Data Science located in our new home, Wegmans Hall. To kick off the semester, we are inviting all data science students as well as those undeclared students who are considering majoring in data science to attend our first event.

Do you want to hear what others did on their summer internship?  How did they get their internship?  What did they do there?  What did they learn and how did it change the way they look at their future career? 

We have several data science students who would love to tell what they did during their summer.

  • Jack Gallagher, Class of 2019 – Dell
  • Ben Dantowitz, Class of 2018 - Revelwood
  • Anya Khalid, Class of 2018 - EY
  • Matthew Trudeau, MS candidate – Buffalo Bills

In addition to our student speakers, this will be a chance to meet our new Deputy Director of the Goergen Institute for Data Science  - Ajay Anand, PhD.

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