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ROC Data Science: Analyzing small data: the rise of personal science

July 23, 2015
RIT, Building 70, Room 1435

Analyzing small data: The rise of personal science

Join ROC Data Science this month for a presentation on personal science. Cheap computing power and other technological advances have made it easy to gather data about ourselves, and then analyze that data to gather useful, practical insights. The "quantified self" movement consists of people who strive for a data-driven life. Alex will present examples of his own self-experimentation, including a 14-year study on weight-loss, as well as a method for tracking (and possibly hacking) brain function.

Alex got his start in data analysis during a sting with Pfizer, where he used SAS to analyze pharmaceutical sales data. He's currently the IT director at the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm and is involved with several data-analysis projects, using R and Shiny. He has an MS degree in neuroscience and an MBA.

We will start the presentation at 630 pm, followed by discussion after.

Location: building 70 room 1435

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