Part-Time and Summer Jobs for Undergraduates

Updated 11/07/2022

For graduating seniors seeking laboratory experience with the chance of full-time employment upon graduation

Want practical, real-world experience in a research lab working with human participants? The Information Processing Laboratory (PI: Professor Robert Chapman) in the BCS Department is looking for student laboratory technicians. The work principally entails recruiting elderly and often cognitively impaired participants into our study and then guiding them through computerized experimental paradigms while gathering their electrophysiological brain recordings and neuropsychological testing. In addition, duties will include data management, assisting in statistical analyses, and assisting in researching the literature.

Applicants should be graduating seniors with a degree in BCS, Neuroscience, Psychology, or a related field. Applicants should also be:

  1. interested in arranging/facilitating subject recruitment
  2. capable of independent thinking and working
  3. have good people skills
  4. be patient and accommodating to subjects and their families.

Working knowledge of Microsoft Office/Windows is required, and deeper knowledge of computers (networking, programming, Linux, SAS, etc.) is a plus. Upon graduation, strong candidates may be hired to a full-time position as a laboratory technician.

Our laboratory is studying brain Event-Related Potentials (ERPs) in visual information processing, including several specific brain potentials which indicate different cognitive events, in order to better understand how the brain is affected by Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and associated memory disorders. The bioelectrical potentials (noninvasive electroencephalographic) are recorded while the subject is seated, perceiving simple visual displays, and doing very simple tasks based on the stimuli. Using statistical procedures, the bioelectrical phenomena are related to the stimulus elements in the task performance. We are studying these brain potentials in aging people to develop better methods of diagnosing and predicting AD in the elderly population.

Contact Maggie Gardner ( to apply. Please send resumes/CVs.

Paid Summer Undergrad Research Placements

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