Approach-Avoidance Motivation Research Group

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Approach and avoidance motivation are fundamental and basic to human functioning, and the approach-avoidance perspective is a highly generative and informative lens through which to examine social, personality, and developmental processes. Accordingly, our research group investigates a variety of different topics across diverse disciplines of psychology, using a multitude of research methodologies (laboratory experiments, longitudinal studies, prospective studies, and archival analyses). 

  • Achievement goal structure and process: Examining the different ways in which individuals approach success and avoid failure in their goal pursuits, and the implications of differential goal pursuit for affect, cognition, and behavior.
  • Approach and avoidance social goals: Examining the structure of social goals, as well as the antecedents and consequences of pursuing different types of approach-and avoidance-focused social goals.
  • Competition and motivation: Examining how competition in all its forms (trait, perceived, structural) influences psychological processes and outcomes.
  • Inequality and motivation. Everything the influence of income - and race - based inequality on perceived competitiveness, approach - avoidance motivation, and downstream outcomes (e.g., health, wellbeing).
  • Meta-motivation and motivation perception: Examining the accuracy of our knowledge about our own motivation and others' motivation.

Our lab is comprised of graduate students in social-personality psychology, as well as post-docs and visiting professors, often from countries outside the US. We have ongoing collaborations with a number of other labs around the country and world. We can be reached by contacting Dr. Andrew Elliot at

Recent Visitors to the Lab (and Current Position)

2023: Tingting Zuo – Graduate Student, Nanjing Normal University
2022: Dr. Yuan Hu – Post Doc, Utrecht University
2017-2018: Dr. Tengxiao Zhang – Professor, Nanjing University
2016-2017: Dr. Martin Daumiller – Professor, University of Augsburg
2016-2017: Dr. Gregory Arief Liem – Professor, National Institute of Education
2014-2016: Dr. Malgorzata Goclowska - Professor, University of Bath
2014-2015: Dr. Jun Ma – Professor, Shanghai University 
2015: Dr. Chen Chen – Professor, Nanjing Normal University
2015: Dr. Michael Jury – Professor, Clermont Ferrand University
2015-2016: Dr. Nicolas Sommet – Professor, University of Lausanne
2015-2016: Dr. Haomin Zhang – Professor, Shanghai University

For an overview of Dr. Elliot's area of research see his "Handbook of Competence and Motivation, 2nd Edition: Theory and Application (Guilford Press)"

Selected Publications


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In Press

Cai, Y., King, R. B., & Elliot, A. J. (in press). Income inequality is associated with heightened test anxiety and lower academic achievement: A cross-national study in 51 countries. Learning and Instruction.

Elliot, A. J., & Sommet, N. (in press). Integration in the achievement motivation literature and the hierarchical model of achievement motivation. Educational Psychology Review.

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Gilbert, K. M., Weissman, D., Gordils, J., Elliot, A. J., & Sommet, N. (in press). Feeling poor or feeling poorer: Comparing subjective measures of economic status in predicting health and well-being, International Journal of Social Psychology.

Sommet, N., & Elliot, A. J. (in press). Opposing effects of income inequality on health: The role of perceived competitiveness and approach/avoidance motivation. European Journal of Social Psychology.