Research Opportunities

Students conducting research.

Research Assistantship

Undergraduates can work as research assistants in a faculty member’s lab. Responsibilities can include running experiments, data entry/management, coding, and literature reviews. See our list of open RA positions to get started.

Research Fellowship

The Meliora Psychology Research Fellowship (MPRF) was created to support undergraduate students, particularly those with backgrounds underrepresented in science, in facilitating, enhancing, and extending their research training with mentorship from faculty members and graduate students in the Department of Psychology. As part of this 10-week, full-time summer program, Meliora Fellows work closely with a graduate student and faculty mentor on a research project over the summer, attend a series of professional development workshops (e.g., applying to graduate school), and present an end-of-the summer talk on their research activities to other Meliora Fellows and the department. The program is funded by a generous gift from University President Sarah Mangelsdorf and Psychology and BCS Professor Karl Rosengren.

The application for the 2022-2023 Meliora Psychology Research Fellowship is now closed and winners have been selected! For more information, check out the MPRF webpage.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022-2023 Meliora Psychology Research Fellowship!

Honors Research

You can conduct your own proposed research project under the supervision of a faculty member. See the honors page and past honors research projects (PDF) for more information.

Independent Study

Independent study courses can take various forms such as readings, research, specialized class, internship, etc. To get started you’ll need to choose and meet with a faculty mentor. Your faculty mentor will help to outline responsibilities, hours, and credits. For more information speak to an advisor.

Online Research

Current web studies hosted by the department:

Undergraduate extra credit research opportunities: