Students working in a psychology lab.

Our undergraduate psychology program offers instruction throughout the broad spectrum of behavioral science and mental life. Its content covers theoretical, empirical and technical presentations of psychology as both a social and natural science.

Classes range from large lecture courses with smaller discussion sections to individual laboratories, practicums, and internships. Undergraduates may register for graduate-level courses with permission of the instructor.

Our program can be tailored to provide an excellent background for postgraduate work in psychology, medicine, education, social work, law, business, and other related social and natural sciences as well as to occupations in business and human services.

Preparing for Graduate School

Students planning to pursue graduate studies in psychology should get a broad foundation in psychology, an informed depth in their field of interest, and a working focus on the research literature and research methodologies.

Taking an active role in the ongoing faculty research, the Psychology Undergraduate Council and the local chapter of Psi Chi can also help prepare you for graduate school.