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Konstantinos Matakos

Konstantinos Matakos

Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Economy


. . I am currently a Post-doctoral Research Fellow and a Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Economy, at the University of Rochester's Wallis Institute. I have completed my PhD in Political Economy and Economics at the University of Warwick (June 2012). My primary research fields are Quantitative Methods (Formal Theory and Empirical Methods), Political Economy and Comparative Politics. Throughout my research, I utilize both formal game-theoretic modelling and systematic empirical analysis. My research interests range from political economics and positive political theory to public policy evaluation and design. I am particularly interested in the political economy of redistribution and machine politics, electoral behavior and formal models of elections, parties and electoral systems. The focus of my work is on the linkages between economic and political inequality, the conditions for political and economic development and the design of political institutions. I am also very keen on economic history, experimental and empirical applications in social sciences.

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