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Richard Dees

Richard Dees

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Medical Humanities


. . PhD, Michigan, Philosophy, 1990. My research falls into three broad categories. First, I am interested in the social and conceptual foundations of liberal institutions and practices. I am particularly interested in the philosophical justifications for toleration, which is the subject of my recent book Trust and Toleration (Routledge, 2004). Second, I study the historical foundations of modern politics in the eighteenth century, particularly in the works of the great Scottish philosopher David Hume and in the works of the American Founders. Finally, I have an emerging interest in the social, political, and ethical problems that arise when we treat and do research on that part of the body that is most closely tied to our identity, the brain. In addition to my primary appointment in Philosophy, I also hold appointments in Neurology and Medical Humanities.

Courses taught:
  • PSCI 221 Philosophical Foundations of the American Revolution