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INTR 220 Non-State Actors in World Politics

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  • Fall 2009
    Tatiana V. Vashchilko
    Fall 2009 — M 14:00 - 16:40
    Course Syllabus

    Global foreign direct investment inflows reached a record $1,833 billion in 2007 (UNCTAD 2008). Roughly half of the world's largest 200 governing entities are multinational corporations (MNCs). Crossing the boundaries between theories of international political economy, globalization, international business, and development, this course offers an introduction to the international political economy of MNCs and their interaction with governments. The main themes cover theories to explain why firms invest abroad, the effects of foreign direct investments on domestic and foreign policy, the bargaining between MNCs and host governments, the expropriation of assets by host countries, "dependency," corporate political activities, and the regulation of foreign investment. Students are expected to complete weekly reading assignments, contribute to class discussion, and design a semester-long research project.