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PSCI/INTR 275 American Foreign Policy

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  • Spring 2010
    Spring 2010 — TR 15:25 - 16:40
    Course Syllabus

    This course examines both the historic roots and contemporary practice of U.S. foreign policy. It will begin with a brief survey of U.S. foreign policies from the earliest days of the Republic to the challenges of the 21st century, with a particular emphasis on debates over the best strategy and role for the U.S. in the world. It will then move to an analysis of the policy process and the determinants of U.S. policy, with a particular focus on the relationships between the executive, public opinion, the Congress, and the bureaucracy, as well as relationships with allies and international organizations. Last, it will analyze in detail the challenges, options, and limits of contemporary American foreign and national security policy, including the rise of China, increasing globalization, and terrorism.