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Pursue a degree or take courses in political science or international relations.

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Discover notable individuals with Rochester degrees in political science or international relations.

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Our PhD program is one of the most rigorous and successful programs in the nation.

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    PhD Placements, 2018-2019

    • PhD alumnus Arthur Spirling receives emerging scholar award
    • Professor Helmke maintains Bright Line Watch to assess health of democracy
    • PhD alumnus Daniel Gillion named 2018 Carnegie Fellow
    • Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson receive 2017 William H. Riker Prize

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    PhD Placements, 2018-2019

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    Rochester alumni can be found in a range of fields, from law to business to education to government to sports. Explore the alumni network to make a connection!


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    We partner with the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internships Center to connect students with jobs, internships, research opportunities, and more.

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