Below is the Schedule for the 2022 program ONLY as an example


                          Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program

                                      Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

                                             June 1 – August 5, 2022


Below is the schedule for the 2022 REU Program activities that are open to ALL undergraduate research assistants with Physics.  Reminders concerning get-togethers will be emailed in advance.  Note that the group meetings as well as the mini-symposium of student presentations are part of the REU Program, and those students officially in the REU Program are required to participate every week.   Bold DATE = confirmed.

The APS REU summer webinars will continue – including beginning python (June 8 and repeated on June 23) and intermediate python workshop on July 14.


 Wed. June 1          9:30 am    B&L 267        Orientation for ALL students in program


Fri. June 3            12:30 pm   B&L 267        Elisha Haber with Bigelow group

Laser Cooling and Vortices in Bose Einstein Condensates


Mon. June 6          12:30 pm    ZOOM          The Art of Presenting

        ( Meeting ID: 978 3424 1977, p/c: Science! )

                How do you talk to someone about your work?


Wed. June 8           12:30 pm   B&L 267        Prof. Kelly Douglass 

                               Astrophysics and Cosmology


Mon. June 13         12:30 pm  ZOOM       The Art of Presenting

                                 Taking your audience into account

             ( Meeting ID: 978 3424 1977, p/c: Science! )


Wed. June 15         12:30 pm   B&L 267      Prof. Chris Marshall  



Wed. June 22          12:30 pm   B&L 267       Prof. Arie Bodek

     Informal project description/update from everyone (2-3 minute each)

     Email sentence or two describing research in advance to REU admin.   


Wed. June 29          12:30 pm  B&L 267        Prof. Petros Tzeferacos

                                Fundamental processes in plasma astrophysics:

             How laser-driven laboratory experiments can shed light on the workings of the Cosmos


Thurs. June 30      12:30 pm  ZOOM      The Art of Presenting

                              How do you make a presentation?

                              ( Meeting ID: 978 3424 1977, p/c: Science! )

Wed. July 6             12:30 pm  B&L 267        Prof. Pierre Gourdain

                                Exploring the Universe using Pulsed Power Drivers  


Mon. July 11          12:30 pm  ZOOM      The Art of Presenting

                                 Presenting your work

                           zoom link is the same as June 6 and 13


Wed. July 13          12:30 pm   B&L 267        Prof. John Nichol

                               Quantum Computing with Electrons in Semiconductor


Mon. July 18          10:15 - 11:45 am   Talk at LLE (max 24 people)

                                Those that do not attend the U. of R. have priority


Wed. July 20         5:00 pm      B&L 267        Prof. Segev BenZvi

                                The Graduate School Application Process


Mon. July 25         12:30 pm     ZOOM               The Art of Presenting

                                 Presentation aesthetics       zoom same as June 6 and 13


Fri. August 5          9 am - 3 pm   B&L 106  Student Presentations (~10 minutes each)

                               Poster session, B&L lobby

                               Group photo (mandatory) and talk schedule to be announced


  Recordings from several of last summer's APS REU webinars are available. They include:

  • APS Summer Series Webinar: Career exploration strategies and tools
  • APS Summer Series Webinar: Imposter Syndrome
  • Considering a Career at a National Laboratory
  • APS Success in Industry Careers Series: Why You Should Consider an Industry Career