Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program

Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

May 28 – August 2, 2024


Below is the schedule of REU Program activities that are open to ALL undergraduate research assistants with Physics & Astronomy.  Reminders concerning get-togethers will be emailed in advance.  Note that the group meetings as well as the mini-symposium of student presentations are part of the REU Program, and those students officially in the REU Program are required to participate every week.   Bold DATE = confirmed as of May 15, 2024.

The APS REU summer webinars are accessible to all.


Thursday, May 30   noon – 2 pm  Kearns Center lunch in Genesee Valley Park

                                              only for Kearns REU students and mentors


Thursday, May 30  2:00 pm      B&L 208     gather then meet research

                                                  group at offices/lab


Friday, May 31     9 am               B&L 208 Orientation for ALL undergraduates

                                                   doing research in Physics and Astronomy 

                                                   Bagels and juice provided


Wed. June 5          12:00 pm       B&L 208     Prof.John Nichol

                                                    Quantum Computing with Electrons in



Thurs. June 6       10:00 am       B&L 267  Kelly Douglass  Art of Presenting I

                                                  How do you talk to someone about your work?


June 7 - 9              B&L offices/labs/library/hallways CLOSED

                                                        in south wing of original bldg.


Wed. June 12       12:00 pm       B&L 208     Prof. Chris Marshall



June 14 - 16          B&L offices/labs/library/hallways CLOSED

                                                in south wing of original bldg.


Mon. June 17         10:15 am       Tour of  LLE ‘talk and tour’ limited to 24; those

(to be confirmed)                     that do not attend U of R have preference;

                                                   signup at the previous week’s lunch talk


(Wednesday, June 19 – University holiday – Juneteenth)


Thurs. June 20     10:00 am       B&L 267  Kelly Douglass   Art of Presenting II

                                                  Taking your audience into account


Thurs. June 20     12:00 pm       B&L 208     Prof. Segev BenZvi

                                                   The Graduate School Application Process


Wed. June 26       12:00 pm       B&L 208

                              Informal project description/update from everyone

                              (2-3 minute each)

                               sentence about research emailed in advance


Thurs. June 27     10:00 am       B&L 267  Kelly Douglass  Art of Presenting III

                                                  How do you make a presentation?    


Wed. July 3           12:00 pm       B&L 208   Graduate students with Bigelow

                                                    Laser Cooling and Vortices in

                                                    Bose Einstein Condensates


(Thursday, July 4 is a University Holiday)


Wed. July 10         12:00 pm       B&L 208     Prof. Machiel Blok

                                                    Quantum Information Processing

                                                     with Superconducting Circuits


Thurs. July 11      10:00 am       B&L 267   Kelly Douglass  Art of Presenting IV

                                                   Presenting your work


? Mon. July 8 ?       10:15-11:45 am AT LLE – ‘talk and brief tour’ limit of 24

? Mon. July 16 ?     those not attending U of R have preference


Wed. July 17         12:00 pm     B&L 208     Prof. Kelly Douglass

                                                  Astrophysics & Cosmology with DESI


Thurs. July 18      10:00 am       B&L 267   Kelly Douglass   Art of Presenting. V

                                                  Presentation aesthetics


Wed. July 24         12:00 pm      B&L 208     Pierre Gourdain

                                                    High Energy Density Plasma


Thurs. August 1  9 am - 3 pm   B&L 106      Student Presentations

                                                (~10 minutes each)

                                 Poster session, B&L lobby – lunch in B&L 267 for all

                                         including research groups

                                 Group photo of students before lunch (mandatory)


Fri. August 2        Summer Research Program posters in Douglass Hall -

                             Feldman Ballroom - all day -- Required of those

                             in all REU programs coordinated by the Kearns Center


Pre-recorded APS webinars

         Career exploration strategies and tools -

         Imposter syndrome -

         Considering a career at a national laboratory -

         Why you should consider an industry career -

          Skills for Physics bachelors in the private sector -