Travel Information form     This form will be replaced by one from the KEARNS CENTER.
Athletic Department Membership  -- There is NO FEE for using the athletic facilities. The form cannot be completed until you actually have your U of R ID card.  The form linked is needed - choose Physics REU, add to cart, proceed to checkout online to complete the online waiver - there are ground rules and terms to agree to at the very end after you enter name, address, billing address (irrelevant but required fields) emergency contact information, phone and email and "sign" There is no fee.  We will coordinate with Kearns to be sure the list of students with UR student ID numbers is sent to Athletics so they will enter your details and give you swipe access to the facilities with your UR ID card. That might take a couple of days. 
Emergency Contact form - replaced by Kearns center onboarding form.
Emergency Contact form for those that are NOT US citizens or permanent residents
python programming tutorials - one is codecademy - other is at
Applying to Graduate School presentation   link is NOT functional at the moment !
MATHPRIMER for graduate students  (done by U of R advanced undergrads)