On campus housing is at the University of Rochester's River Campus as well as across the river and at dorms just south of campus.

There are usually very good links to frequently asked questions from the Summer Housing website - however in 2021 things got more than a bit chaotic with residential life so they did not update the Information Manual for Summer Program Participants.  The link here to residient life - summer has a link to the dorm we have chosen for summer - Brooks Crossing, 1500 South Plymouth Avenue, and the required online application form.


In summer 2022 each apartment at Brooks Crossing has 3 or 4 singles with one twin bed, each with private bath. There is also a common area with basic kitchen in each apartment.  The apartments are air conditioned (a rarity at campus!). This dorm is assigned to those in summer research programs. There are UR shuttles that go back and forth and there is a pedestrian bridge to campus at the dorm. 
The UR Residential Life Summer website has the Required  APPLY FOR SPECIAL PROGRAMS SUMMER HOUSING form to fill out (last link to the online form on the UR summer housing page for ALL those in Brooks Crossing with the Physics REU program - even if self-pay. The form must be completed in advance of arrival or will not be allowed to check-in.  
Charges are by the week starting on Sunday with departure on Saturdays. We have the rooms reserved for May 29 until August 6 but know that some have different arrive/depart dates; please confirm any different dates with Connie.  We have to send an estimated list of rooms and number of weeks needed by mid April and specifics about each person with arrival/depart date and other details in late April/early May.Remember that Monday, May 30 is a holiday so offices at campus will be closed; it will be possible to collect your key at Susan B. Anthony dorm from 9 am to 10 pm 7 days a week. 
It would be very helpful if those that are driving to Rochester bring with them cooking/eating supplies and anything else that is not easily transported by those that arrive by plane!  Sometimes students ship themselves a small box or two in advance. Please do not make the boxes too heavy.  We have a couple of sets of sheets and a few towels and can arrange a shopping trip. There is also a dollar general store near campus.

The post office and bank (JP Morgan Chase) are located in the lower level of Todd Union Bldg.
Mail and packages may be addressed to:
Student Name
UR summer program student
500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14627-0002

A list of non-UR students will be sent to the post office with emails so we hope you will receive an email when the package is received.  They are open from 9-5 Monday-Friday.  However, the mail room has been buried under packages for students what with all the online shopping so we suggest you use Plan B below.
Plan B is to have your package sent to the Physics Department Office.  We will give the person at the reception desk at the Department the list of REU participants so she knows who to contact when a package arrives. Be sure to 'track' your package if possible.
That address is
Your Name
University of Rochester
Dept of Physics, Bausch and Lomb Bldg
284 Hutchison Road
Rochester, NY 14627