Please Read ...

Please read all the way through this. There are often many logistical questions so we address them here.  University of Rochester students should read this too! 

Remember that the University is now smoke free in and around all buildings.  There are a couple of designated places to smoke.

The date and time is to be confirmed of the Physics REU orientation meeting on Thursday, May 30 at about 2 pm in Bausch & Lomb Hall 208. At about 2 pm everyone will go to meet their research groups.

TRAVEL will be organized by the KEARNS CENTER for non-UR students.
The Kearns Center will handle the connection between the students and University Health Service.
Proof of health insurance coverage and immunizations is required for ALL non-UR students. We believe the Kearns Center or University Health Service (UHS) will email about the process for non-UR students.

STIPEND for non-UR students:  The process for payment is 4 checks - middle and end of June and July. The Kearns Center will guide you about setup of direct deposit once your are "in the human resources/payroll system".  It is essential that you provide your SSN to the Kearns Center as part of your 'on boarding' because UR payroll insists that direct deposit be setup by each student for all stipend checks or they mail the check to your "permanent" address as input on the 'travel form' submitted to Kearns. Be prepared to input your bank account routing number as well as the account number !

FOOD PREFERENCES/allergies: gluten free? food allergy? vegan? Email !

Contacting other participantsWe find that a good way for the participants to communicate with each other is via a messenger group.  We welcome suggestions. 

RESPONSIBLE CONDUCT OF RESEARCH  This is a requirement by the National Science Foundation to the University and must be completed by everyone (even if you have done this at another institution).  You must send proof of completion to for the files.  The University must be in compliance.  (The link to the details is on the Forms page.)  This whole process takes less than 20 minutes. 

There is also a document HANDY DETAILS on the Forms/Resources page that might answer some frequently asked questions.


Parking: Parking is NOT free anywhere on campus between the hours of 7:30 am and 7:00 pm Monday-Friday.  If parking as a resident on campus we will pay the fee for May 27 - August 3. Parking is free on the holidays May 27 and July 4.  If you are commuter we will pay the fee only if you agree to make an effort to take those in the dorm out and about. You might need to pay for a daily parking permit for the first day you are here if you do not have your permit before the first meeting; Parking does patrol and ticket several times a day.  The permit will be good through the time period of the program.  These permits must be displayed on the dashboard of your car.

If you have a car on campuseven as a commuter, it would be appreciated if you offer to drive those in the dorm for errands and outings.  Some UR shuttles that usually operate during the academic year do NOT run in the summer. There is a UR bus (the Green Line) that does continuous loop to Marketplace Mall (not much at the mall these days - JC Penny's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Foot locker, Loft outlet, Express outlet, IndyKart raceway), and nearby Target, Walmart, and Wegmans grocery store on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (5:30 - 9:00 pm) and Saturday afternoons (2:00 - 9:00 pm).

If you are driving to campus and staying in the dorm, remember to bring as much stuff as possible because some of those staying in the dorm will travel by plane to Rochester so cannot bring many essentials such as cooking and eating supplies, power-strip, bedding for XL twin bed, towels …. you get the idea. We have several towels and blankets that students have used in previous summers; they are clean and in storage. We will try to have some bins in one of the program apartments in case something is helpful.


The Kearns Center will contact those in the dorm in April. 

The REU groups will be in Brooks Crossing (We do not get a choice about dorms for summer programs and many dorms are undergoing repairs/renovations in the summer.)

Check-in hours and dates and location are handled by Kearns at the Brooks Crossing dorm; email will be sent out from the Kearns Center.

If you arrive late try contacting a fellow participant and call UR Public Safety at 585-275-3333 and they can get you into the dorm, your apartment and bedroom until you can get your keys the following day. If you are late (not too late !) you will have a phone number of the Kearns representative who will have your keys etc so she might be able to meet you at the dorm.

Those with the Physics REU can have packages and mail sent to you at the Physics Department office.

Name of participant, Physics REU

University of Rochester

284 Hutchison Road, Bausch and Lomb Bldg

Rochester, NY 14627

Laundry is free in the dorms.

If NOT a University of Rochester student:

Wireless access in dorm AND for research: There is general wifi on campus (when you see UR_guest just say OK – no password needed) but a few sites may be blocked. You will get a separate email about setting up a guestNet-ID.  If you are affiliated with an institution that uses Eduroam then you can connect via that wireless network. 

ATHLETICS Membership For 2024   Once you have your UR student ID card 'in hand'. you will neeed to use the online form as if joining - enter specifics and "check out" and after answer all the questions and agree, the process finishes and there is $0 amount due.  The link to the form will be available from your Kearns Center contact and the athletics office will enter you into the system so that you will be able to access the facilities by swiping your UR ID card.  Processing that might take a couple of days.