Special Programs

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

The department strongly encourages undergraduate involvement in its research programs. The REU program, funded by the National Science Foundation, offers stipends for undergraduate research during a 10-week period each summer. Both University of Rochester and external students may apply. For further details, see our undergraduate research page.

Other opportunities for undergraduate research may be found at the College's Office of Undergraduate Research. Reports on undergraduate research projects may be found in the University's Journal of Undergraduate Research.

Rochester Symposium for Undergraduate Physics Students (RSPS)

The department hosts the annual RSPS, a northeast regional conference on undergraduate research. For more details, visit the RSPS page.

Teaching Internship Program

The department offers an internship program for undergraduate science majors that provides training in classroom teaching and computer-related technology for instruction. For more information see our internship page.

TA Training in Science and Engineering Program

The department has a formal training program for all its graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants. For more information see our TA training page.


Physics MS or MAT in Education with NYS Certification 4+1 Program

All course work required for the two-phase certification processes for teaching of physics in NY State is completed in the education MS program. The advantages of this (4+1) program are the following:

  • Course requirements for both the first and second phase of the certification are satisfied at one time.
  • Students complete the MS program in one summer and two semesters beyond the BA degree.
  • Taking education courses as a junior and senior year allows students to determine if education is right for them before formally applying to an education MS or MAT program. 

For more information about this program see the education with NYS certification 4+1 page