MS or MAT in Education with NYS Certification 4+1 Program

All course work required for the two-phase certification processes for teaching of physics in NY State is completed in the MS program. The advantages of this (4+1) program are the following:

  • Course requirements for both the first and second phase of the certification are satisfied at one time.
  • Students complete the MS program in one summer and two semesters beyond the BA degree.
  • Taking education courses as a junior and senior year allows students to determine is education it right for them before formally applying to an education MS or MAT program.

In order to sample the experience of teaching early on, it is recommended that students apply to PHY 388-389: Teaching Internship Program during the spring of their first year.

We recommend that student in this program satisfy their social science cluster requirement in psychology and their humanities cluster in an area of verbal and written communication.

A total of 128 credits are required for a BA degree. An overload of four courses taken during the first four years can be applied towards the MS degree. For a complete list of degree requirements for the MS or MAT see the NYS Secondary Physics Teacher Certification page.