Sunday, March 19, 2017
3 p.m.

The Little Theatre 1

Film Screening

This screening is a part of the Women's History Month Film Series. See full details of the series here.

This seminal film tells the story of two women with opposing political views fighting for their different versions of a democratic future for Tunisia, the country that sparked the Arab Spring. Over the course of Tunisia's critical post-revolution years, we follow journalist Emna Ben Jemaa, who envisions a country governed by free speech and without the corruption of the former regime.

In contrast, Jawhara Ettis of the Islamist party Ennahda works towards a Tunisia guided by Islamic principles. On a public level, both women must navigate how females are treated in their society, while in their own homes they must make difficult choices to balance their public political roles with marriage and motherhood. Both know the stakes are high. The ever-present threat of Islamic extremists means their fragile political process could break down and all they've worked for could be lost.

A discussion will follow the screening moderated by Ilka Datig, Head of Instruction and Outreach at the Lorette Wilmot Library at Nazareth College.