Women's History Month Film Screening of "Heart of a Dog"

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
7 p.m.

The Little Theater


SBAI has partnered with The Little Theater and WXXI again to present our annual Women's History Month Film Series. This year our films focus on honoring women in public service, and look closely at the individual experiences of women through many lenses and genres of film.

ABOUT: Near the end of her dreamy, drifty and altogether lovely movie “Heart of a Dog,” Laurie Anderson does what she is so great at doing: She tells a story. This one is too powerful to ruin here, but the story and its placement speak to how she makes meaning. Speaking in voice-over, as she does throughout, with her perfect phrasing and warm, gently wry tone, she recounts a harrowing episode from her childhood. It’s one that she had described before, she says. But one day she realized that she had been omitting some horrifying details. She had “cleaned it up,” as she puts it, because that’s what we do: “You get your story and you hold onto it, and every time you tell it, you forget it more.” (via NYT)