2nd Annual Susan B. Anthony Birthday Tea

Friday, February 15, 2013
10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Mt. Hope Cemetary and Lattimore 540


Last year, SBAI began an annual tradition: a celebration of Anthony's birthday. On this day each year, SBAI and friends make an annual trip to Anthony's gravesite in Mount Hope Cemetery to lay yellow roses, the symbol of suffrage, on her grave. A student-selected woman leader from the University of Rochester gives a brief statement before placing the roses on the grave. This year, students chose Eleana Kim, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, to be the special guest. Following the gravesite visit, everyone will reconvene at the University to have birthday cake and look at artifacts from Anthony's life. This year, SBAI has partnered with the Rush Rhees Library to present "A Citizen's Right to Vote: United States vs. Susan B. Anthony," which will be exhibited during Anthony's birth month through May. ***All University and community members are welcome to join in the celebration. RSVP to sbai@rochester.edu by February 12 (rides to the cemetery are available!). We will leave River Campus for Mt. Hope Cemetery at 10am, and meet back on campus at the Welles Brown Room (Rush Rhees Library) at 11:00am for cake and an exhibit talk by co-curators Angela Clark-Taylor and Lori Birrell.**