Dissertation Fellowship Recipients


  • Peter Murphy, Visual and Cultural Studies
    "Queer Figurations: Painting After Queer Theory"


  • Carrie M. Knight, Department of History
    "Letters to Herself: Women and Individuality in Nineteenth-Century America"

  • Daniel Miller, Counseling, Warner School of Education and Human Development
    "The Identity Development and Gender Socialization Experiences of Highly Sensitive Men"


  • Marianne Kupin-Lisbin, Department of History
    "The Illusion of Dissidence: The Virgin Mary and Local Catholicism in Seventeenth Century Bosnia"


  • Katherine Elena, Department of History
    "From Masochism to Innocence: Changing Social Conceptions of Domestic Violence in America."

  • Dan Kraines, Department of English
    "Queer Longing: Figuration in Rich, Lorde, Gunn, and Bidart"


  • Hend Alawadhi, Visual and Cultural Studies Program
    "Tracing Trauma: Gender, Memory, and Erasure, in Contemporary Arab Cinema"

  • Lina Žigelytė, Visual and Cultural Studies
    "Queer Departures: Migration, Sexuality, and the Avant-Garde 1920-1940"


  • Lauron Kehrer, Musicology, Eastman School of Music
    "Beyond Beyoncé: Intersections of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary American Hip-Hop (ca.2010-2016)"

  • Serenity Sutherland, Department of History
    "Discovering Science of Women: The Life of Ellen Swallow Richards, 1842-1911"


  • Rachel Chaffe, Warner School of Education
    "Real Science: An Ethnographic Study of Girl's Science Identity Development In and Through Film"

  • Angela Clark-Taylor, Warner School of Education
    "Developing Critical Conscioussness and Social Justice Self-Efficacy: Lessons From Feminist Community Engagement Student Narrat"


  • BJ Douglas, Warner School of Education
    "LGBTQ Diversity Within College Curriculum: Instiutional Supports for Training School of Education Faculty on LGBTQ Issues"


  • Adrienne Morgan, Warner School of Education
    "Critical Race Theory: A Counter-Narrative of African American Male Medical Students Attending Predominantly White Medical Schools"

  • Kristen Wilmott
    "Gender, Tenure and The Pursuit of Work-Life-Family Stability: An Exploration of Female Faculty Experiences at a 'New Ivy' Research Institution"


  • Michelle Finn, Department of History
    "A Modern Necessity: Feminism, Popular Culture, and American Womanhood, 1920-1948"

  • Dinah Holtzman, Program in Visual and Cultural Studies
    "Portrait of the Post-Modern Artist as Hysteric"


  • Kathleen Casey, Department of History
    “Crossdressers and Racecrossers: Intersections of Gender and Race in American Popular Vaudeville, 1900-1930”
  • Elizabeth Kalbfleisch, Department of Art and Art History/Program of Visual and Cultural Studies
    “Bordering on Feminism: Home and Transnational Sites in Recent Visual Cultural and Native Women’s Art”


  • Jennifer Lightweis-Goff , Department of English
    " 'Blood at the Root:' Lynching as American Cultural Nexus "


  • Amy Fenstermaker, Department of English
    "Bridging the Gap between (white) Metafiction & (black) Self-Reflexivity"


  • Kathleen Utter King, School of Nursing
    “Association Testing of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Implicated Allelic Variants in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Matched Controls” 
  • April Miller, Department of English
    “Offending Women: Modernism, Crime, and Creative Production” 


  • Tatyana Bakhmetyeva , Department of History 
    "Madame Swetchine, "Mother of the Church": A Case sudy of Religion, Identity, and Female Authority in Nineteenth-Century France and Russia"
  • T'ai Smith, Department of Art and Art History/Program in Visual and Cultural Studies
    “Weaving Work at the Bauhaus: The Gender and Engendering of a Medium, 1919-1937”


  • Daniel Humphrey, Department of Art and Art History/Program in Visual and Cultural Studies
    “Projected Affects/Constructed Subjects: Considering the Queer American Spectator of ‘Foreign' Feature Films”
  • Tara McCarthy, Department of History
    “True Women, Trade Unionists, and the Lessons of Tammany Hall”


Susan B. Anthony Dissertation Fellowship


  • Tatyana Bakhmetyeva, Department of History (2006)
    "Madame Swetchine, "Mother of the Church": A Case sudy of Religion, Identity, and Female Authority in Nineteenth-Century France and Russia"


  • Lisa Soccio, Program in Visual and Cultural Studies (2005)
    "Nothing's Shocking: On the Persistence of Avant-Gardism in Alternative Music"


  • Jacalyn Eddy, Department of History (2003)
    "Bookwomen: Creating a Cultural Empire in Children's Book Publishing 1919-1939" 
  • Joe Wlodarz, Department of English/Film and Media Studies (2004)
    "(Un)Making macho: Race, Gender, and Stardom in 1970s American Cinema and Culture"


  • Mara Amster, Department of English (2001)
    "Reading and Writing the Female Body: Sexuality and Legibility in Early Modern Discourses"
  • Narin Hassan, Department of English (2003)
    "Foreign Bodies: Medicine, Gender and Colonialism in Nineteenth-Century British Culture"
  • Lynn Wemett Nichols, School of Nursing (2004)
    "Determinants of Adherence in Women Managing Chronic Health Conditions"


  • Kelly A. Hankin, Department of English (2000) 
    "The Girls in the Back Room: The Lesbian Bar in Film, Television, and Video"
  • Lina Najib Kawar, School of Nursing (2002) 
    "United States Resident, Jordanian and Palestinian Women's Participation in Breast Cancer Screening"