2011 Graduate Research Conference

Thursday, March 24th

5:00 PM
Opening Remarks

  • Wendi B. Heinzelman, Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Honey Meconi, Director Susan B. Anthony Institute for Women's Studies

Keynote Address

  •  "In Defense of Penis Envy, and Other Unsayables: Tarrying with the Unprogressive, " by Laura Kipnis, Professor of Radio/Television/Film, Northwestern University

Friday, March 25th

9:00 AM—10:40 AM Panel One - Containing and Controlling the Body

  • Moderator:  Marilyn Walker - Department of Liberal Studies at Rochester Institute of Technology

  • Elisabeth Harrison (York University) “Containing, Controlling, Consuming Women: The Gendered Spaces of ‘Mental Illness’ in Public Service Announcements and Direct-To-Consumer Advertisements.

  • ”Rosemary Avance (University of Pennsylvania) “Transgressions of shared bodyspace: On the contested ownership of the impregnated body.”

  • Barbara Fornssler (European Graduate School)“The edge of affect: Positioning the moving body by locating gender.” 

  • Sarah Steele (University of Oxford) “An Evil, Contaminating Force: Discourses of Disgust, Moral Pollution, Masculinity and the Trafficker in United States Anti-Trafficking Action 2000-2010.”

10:50 AM—12:30 PM Panel Two - (Dis) Placement and Interstices

  • Moderator:  Joan Saab - The Department of Art & Art History at the University of Rochester

  • Berin Golonu (University of Rochester) “Material Metaphors of Violence and Displacement in Mona Hatoum’s Sculptures.”

  • Christine Nejeer (University of Louisville) “The bicycle equaled myself plus the world”: Cycling, Space and Frances Willard’s Usable Past.”

  • Christina Hastie (University of Tennessee) “Songs of Violence: Murder, Misogyny, and Feminine Identity in Precarious Spaces.” 

  • Deborah Naybor (University of Buffalo) “Tracking Women:  The Movement of Women in Rural Uganda.”

12:30 PM—1:10 PM   LUNCH

1:20 PM—3:00 PM Panel Three - Querying Intimacy

Moderator:  David Bleich - The Department of English at the University of Rochester

  • Liz Goodfellow (University of Rochester) "The Archive and Contested Subcultural History: The End of Alison Bechdel’s Dykes to Watch Out For."

  • Andrew Thomas (University of Rochester) “LGBTQ Curricular Decision Making:  Identity, Democracy, and Citizenship in the Secondary Social Studies.”

  • Shannon Wilson (Taxas A&M University) “The L Word and Lesbian Identity: Language, Lessons, and Location.”

  • Jenevive Nykolak (University of Rochester) “Queer Space and Time in David Wojnarowicz’s Arthur Rimbaud in New York, 1978-79.”

3:10 PM—4:30 PM Panel Four - The Carnivalesque

Moderator:  Burke Scarbrough - Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester

  • Katie Van Wert (University of Rochester) "American Carnivalesque: Queer Counterpublics at Home and Abroad."

  • Jessica Lewis-Turner (Temple University) “Looking Medically: The Doctor and the Bearded Lady.”

  • Stevi Costa (University of Washington) “‘One ever feels their twoness’: Transnational Illegibility and the Siamese Twin in Lawrence Chua’s Gold by the Inch.”

4:45 PM—6:00 PM    Closing Comments & Reception in the Hartnett Gallery