2000 Graduate Research Conference

Saturday, February 19, 2000

8:30-9:00 Breakfast


9:00-9:15 Opening Remarks

  • Professor Lisa Cartwright, English/Visual & Cultural Studies

9:15-10:15 Panel I: "Work in Progress: Susan B. Anthony Dissertation Fellowships"

Moderator: Anne Birien, English

  • Kelly Hankin, English: "Potent Shots: The Production of Lesbian Bar Space in Robert Aldrich's The Killing of Sister George (1969)"
  • Lina Kawar, Nursing: "Jordanian Women's Knowledge of, Attitudes Towards, and Participation in Breast Cancer Screening Programs"

10:25-11:45 Panel II: "Public Bodies: Gender, Medical Culture, and Social Change"

Moderator: Craig Sellers, Nursing

  • Lynn Wemett Nichols, Nursing: "Women and Adherence to Health Care Regimens"
  • Alissa Herschbach-McElreath, English: "The Mother Architect: Victoria Woodhull and the Rhetoric of Race"
  • Narin Hassan, English: "Public Anatomies: Women, Travel and Victorian Medicine"

11:55-1:15 Panel III: "Alternative Visions: Race, Gender, Utopia"

Moderator: Kelly Hankin, English

  • Jennifer Klein Hudak, English: "The (Re) Production of Perfection: Technology, Gender, and Evolution in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Herland"
  • Edward Chan, English: "Accounting for the Remainder in the Imagination of a Utopian Subject"
  • Alyssa J. O'Brien, English: "Gendered Agendas in Harlem's Little Magazines"

1:15-2:15 Lunch: The Meliora

2:15-3:50 Panel IV: "Rereading History/Revising Traditions: The Politics of Gender & Sexuality"

Moderator: Katherine Kyger, History

  • Chris Nugent, English: "En-gendering Heresy: Knighton's Chronicle and the Sexual Politics of Lollardy"
  • Mara Amster, English: "Sex on Trial: Legal and Literary Representations of Gender"
  • Nathan Nobis, Philosophy: "Feminist Ethics: Problems and Prospects"
  • Andrea Patterson, Philosophy: "What's Wrong with Sexual Harassment?"

4:00-5:20 Panel V: "Visualizing Sexuality, Materializing Gender"

Moderator: Lisa Soccio, Visual & Cultural Studies

  • Daniel I. Humphrey, Visual & Cultural Studies: "Projection/Reflection: Cinema as a Queer Project in the Work of Ingmar Bergman"
  • Margot Bouman, Visual & Cultural Studies: "Strangers and Bodies, Strangers and Space: Feminist Theory"
  • Lucy Curzon, Visual & Cultural Studies: "Corporeal Geometry: The Photography of Francesca Woodman"