Continuing the tradition of bringing Middle English texts to larger audiences

September 29, 2023

Thomas Hahn, a professor of English, has received a $299,748 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to continue work on Rochester’s pioneering Middle English Text Series (METS) of scholarly editions and translations. The new project entails preparing six volumes of Medieval literary texts, ranging from the 13th to the 15th century, for print and digital publication, and a redesign of the digital interface for the METS.

METS is a partnership between Rochester’s Department of English and the Rossell Hope Robbins Library—the University’s medieval studies library. Founded in 1990 by the late Russell Peck, a professor emeritus of English at Rochester, the series democratizes access to a wide range of medieval texts through free digital and affordable print editions.

Hahn’s research focuses on the sponsorship, production, and interpretation of texts and images from the earlier Middle Ages through the early modern period. His scholarship, teaching, and mentorship in the field of medieval studies was honored with a Festschrift published in 2022 titled Negotiating Boundaries in Medieval Literature and Culture and a conference earlier this year celebrating his 50-year tenure at Rochester.

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