Registration closes June 1st for the 3rd International Congress of the John Gower Society

May 27, 2014

Gower archerThe John Gower Society will hold its third International Congress at the University of Rochester from June 30–July 3, 2014. Over one hundred participants plan to attend.

The Congress title, John Gower: Language, Cognition, and Performance, defines a wide focus:

Language: languages, translations, specialized discourses, dialects, idiolects, and influences, as well as manuscript, printed, and digital texts—and Digital Humanities, generally, with application to Gower 

Cognition: medieval memory and ideational theory, cognitive science, mental and physical health, models of therapy, general modes of perception (e.g., Gower and suffering, political, salvific and emotive discourses)

Performance: performance and performance theory, narrativity, the staging of ideas and philosophy (people/characters "staged" by deeds and choices, etc.)

Registration Deadline: June 1, 2014
For registration information and to learn more about the Congress, visit the 3rd International Congress of the John Gower Society website. The Congress is sponsored by The Humanities Project, the Early Modern Proto-Cluster, the Rossell Hope Robbins Library, and the Department of English at the University of Rochester.