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Undergraduate Program

Program Goals

Student, Kedar

Our digital media studies majors graduate well versed in both the theoretical and the practical components of digital media. You will:

  • Understand diverse theoretical frameworks from the history and theory of media studies.
  • Learn about the aesthetic and technical design of media, which you will use in critical analysis and media design activities.
  • Gain advanced reading, thinking, analytical, and expository skills as you critically evaluate the texts, images, and sounds comprising new media.
  • Conceptualize and implement a media design, with emphasis on creative problem-solving techniques to deliver a digital media object.
  • Master written and presentation abilities, and gain professional skills in the areas of ethical and legal issues, teamwork, leadership, and lifelong learning.
  • Prepare for careers traditionally associated with a liberal education (e.g., law, teaching, business, public service) as well as those more directly associated with media analysis and production, including careers in the entertainment industry and communications field.