General Information

  • Digital Media Studies (DMS) is an interdisciplinary major comprising fourteen courses.
  • The DMS Major can satisfy either the humanities or natural science divisional area.
    • The divisional area is determined by which seven or more of the fourteen courses are taken.
  • Successful completion of DMST 200W is required for students to register for the DMS senior Capstone course, DMST 372.
  • Students should plan to complete, DMST 103 before registering for DMST 200W.
  • DMST 200W should be completed prior to their senior year.

Overlap Policy

Three courses may overlap between the DMS major and another major, and two courses between the DMS major and another minor.

Requirements for Distinction in Digital Media Studies

To graduate with distinction in DMS, students must have a GPA of 3.7 in the major. To receive highest distinction in DMS, students must have a GPA of 3.85 in the major.

Transfer Credit

If approved, up to three transfer courses may be used toward DMS major requirements. Transfer students beginning their coursework at the University of Rochester with junior standing, may use a maximum of five transfer courses towards DMS major requirements with appropriate approval. In most cases, transfer courses cannot satisfy the upper-level writing requirement.

For information about getting major or departmental credit for relevant courses taken elsewhere, see the digital media studies program advisor.

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Patrick Doyle
Multidisciplinary Studies Center
206 Morey Hall