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Undergraduate Program

Capstone Project

Digital media students posing with food.
Students design voice-activated app to reduce food waste—Pip, an app developed by a team of graduating seniors in the Digital Media Studies Program, will let users check their fridge or freezer wherever they are using only their voice.

For their capstone experience students plan, design, construct, and deliver a digital media object of significant scope.

Working as a team, they deploy their collective knowledge, skills, and expertise in the domain of media history, theory, aesthetics, and technology to review customer proposals and/or devise a project of their own design.

Example Capstone Projects

  • Aster - Creating an anti-war video game
  • Digital Room - Designing an immersive Digital Media experience
  • Eat & Save-ry - Developing an app linking students with local restaurants to minimize food waste
  • Oeuvre - Developing an augmented reality app for the Memorial Art Gallery
  • Thinc. - Creating a front page campus news aggregator
  • BranchOut - Developed a social networking app to pair University of Rochester students with one another based on social psychology research
  • GMRCRD - Designed a service to bridge the gap between pro and amateur gamers
  • Lilac - Created a website designed to connect students to events in the Rochester-area
  • Safe Ride Digital - Created an app to help improve the efficiency of the Safe Ride program on campus