Capstone Project

Digital media students posing with food.
Students design voice-activated app to reduce food waste—Pip, an app developed by a team of graduating seniors in the Digital Media Studies Program, will let users check their fridge or freezer wherever they are using only their voice.

For their capstone experience students plan, design, construct and deliver a digital media of significant scope.

Working as a team, they rely on their collective knowledge, skills, and expertise in the domain of media history, theory, design, and technology to devise a project. Capstone projects solve problems and look to the future

Example Capstone Projects 

  • Cram: An app that allows students to instantly connect to academic mentors on campus with them and get help exactly when they need it.
  • KIND: A google plugin that detects and prevents kids and teenagers from writing potentially harmful content to someone else online on social websites.
  • Cheshire: A video game aimed at enhancing ESL learners’ reading comprehension of traditional English texts.
  • CURB: connecting food trucks to consumers through a web app that allows foodies, picky eaters, and people with dietary restrictions to find the food that’s right for them.
  • PersonalizED : a web application that helps students between ages 12-18 discover their learning strengths and build study skills that work best for them.
  • Clear: A VR project that creates an immersive experience to help bring awareness, and solutions for interactions between the deaf, hard of hearing, and the hearing world.
  • Pip: A voice-enabled, mobile application that works with smart home assistants to help users manage their food inventory and balance their grocery budget.
  • ExSpace: An artist collective making AR experiences from abandoned city spaces.
  • Exposure is a workshop based capstone project meant to expose first-generation college-bound students to three forms of Digital Media: photography, videography, and djing.
Marketing students created this postcard to explain SPIRIT NYS.

2022 Capstone Project

Students Help Homeless Youth

DMS students developed a year-long capstone project to help Spirit NYS provide effective educational outreach on homelessness. The students' expertise and efforts led to increased visits to the organization's website and greater interaction with social media posts.

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