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Digital Media Studies Director

About Stephanie Ashenfelder 

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Digital Media Studies Interim Director |Call or Text (585) 530-7045 (cell)

Sage Art Center

MFA California College Of Art, San Francisco, CA

Stephanie Ashenfelder became interim director of the DMS program in February 2019. She began her position as the Studio Arts Program Manager in 2006. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of both the Digital Media Studies Program and Studio Art at the college.

Stephanie’s digital and artistic scholarship takes form in a variety of socially conscious interdisciplinary projects.  Through multiple modes of production, Stephanie’s artistic practice investigates the intersection where progress meets failure.  Her work originates from a place where glitches, malfunction and happenstance instigate profound consequences.

Courses Offered:

Introduction to Studio Art (spring), Digital Media Senior Capstone (fall and spring)

Current Projects:

Hatch+Eat.  Examines desire though a broody chicken asking whether her intense desire to hatch an egg is a glitch in the system. Installation/Video Commissioned by HyperKultureMedia.

A Boy in Relation. A photogrammetry project where scanning her son produced the color pallet of their relationship. 4’x6’ digital print.

A series of drownings.  Looking for the intersection where floating becomes drowning, where pretending becomes real. Four 2’x3’ photos on acrylic.